Congress Rental

World-Class Congress Equipment

GIS Congress Rental is the first BOSCH-CRN (Congress Rental Network) agent in Greater China Region. Being part of the BOSCH-CRN, we are able to utilize such a global service network and provide the latest top quality congress and AV equipment for our clients.

Top Professionals

GIS Congress Rental & Language Services are affiliates to GIS Group. With over 17 years of experience and profound knowledge in PCO field (Professional Convention Organizer), we have always been the leading player Taiwan’s event management industry. In GIS, the technical support team is led by senior technicians with over 15 years of experience. Their profession and performance never cease to exceed clients’ expectations!

Visionary Planning

GIS assists our clients to review their needs and venue requirements by analyzing venue characteristics and communicating with venue managers. With our assistance and dedication to details, we can effectively resolve upcoming challenges and guarantee the success of the event.

The speaker on stage can deliver his remarks without interruption. The audience can decide for themselves whether to tune into the original or translation. The interpreters can concentrate on their work without distraction from the floor. These are made possible thanks to the use of public address systems in conjunction with simultaneous interpretation systems...Interpretation is broadcast by the interpretation system and received by the audience in the earphones that come along with a handheld receiver. All the three parties can participate without the others’ interference. Communication proceeds uninterrupted and therefore efficiency of the conference is greatly achieved.

BOSCH Digital Infrared System

  • World-class quality:developed by the German Bosch Group
  • State-of-the-art technology:complies with the latest IEC 61603 Part 7, the standard for digital infrared transmission
  • Reliable transmission:unaffected by sunlight or indoor lighting

FM receiver

Listen LT-700


BOSCH Central Control Unit

BOSCH Infra-red radiator

Digital Infra-red Interpretation System

Interpretation Booth

Our portable booths for simultaneous interpretation were manufactured in compliance with ISO 4043, an international standard prepared at the request of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and the Joint Service Interpretation-Conferences (JSIC) of the European Commission (EU). The aim of the standard is to provide optimal conditions for simultaneous interpretation using portable booths. Adequate ventilation and reasonable sound insulation are ensured for the sake of interpreters’ comfort and superior quality of interpretation.



Discussion systems are designed for interactive or discussion-based meetings. The systems enable the chair to assert control over the meeting. In addition, discussion units with voting capability are also available for rental.

BOSCH DCN Wireless Discussion System – WIFI Discussion System

  • Minimum installation time thanks to wireless design
  • Ideal for conferences taking place at historic venues; no damage to the architecture caused by the installation
  • Watertight security of information maintained with conditional access technology
  • Ergonomic and modern industrial design
  • Immune to mobile phone interference
  • Multimedia integration made easy with open control interface
  • H-fidelity transmission of audio signals (up to 20KHz)
  • Hi-speed optic fiber backbone network
  • Graphical user interface
  • Hi-speed auto-tracking camera


  • Built-in digital acoustic feedback suppression facility
  • Built-in MP3 recording
  • Multiple operating modes for various discussion arrangements
  • Chairman priority button

Auto Dome



Major decisions are often made through voting in meetings. This system produces quick and accurate voting results. They are immediately logged in the system and displayed to the chair of the meeting.
The system consists of voting software and hardware, including wireless receiver and remote control for both the chair and participants

  • Smart Presentation Remote control enables the presenter to walk away from the computer or projector and fully engage in interaction with the audience.
  • Smart Vote The system tallies the votes. Voting procedures are efficient and paperless.
  • Smart Training Multimedia tests are incorporated. Logging of test activity and printout of test scores facilitate archiving of events.
  • Easy-to-operate Windows interface

IML Click

A meeting can be convened with participants in two or more locations by means of telecommunications of audio and video. Real-time exchange of information takes place as if they were at the same site. To hold a video conference, all these venues must be equipped with cameras, monitors, microphones and loudspeakers. During the conference, participants are captured in the camera, and documents or files are distributed or transferred among them.

  • Satellite - Provides best audio-visual quality equal to CNN footage. Additional costs include rental of time slots for satellite transmission.
  • Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) - Provides stable audio-visual quality. Additional costs include application for leased circuit and connection.
  • IP - Provides acceptable audio-visual quality. Additional costs include application for leased circuit.

Conference phone - SoundStation

Digital hybrid telephone interface - Hx1

  • Public address system
  • Digital recording system
  • Projection system: One-lens projectors (2000~5000 lumens); screens (90~210 inches)
  • Assorted video switches and distributors
  • Effect selector

Mipro ACT-72 無線麥克風

Sennheiser SKM 100 G3 無線領夾麥克風

Shure SM57(左) + SM58(右)有線麥克風

SuperLux 鵝頸電容式麥克風

嘉和安裝、調配及混音音響系統,以為你的會議來賓提供最適合的聽覺服務,不管是小型的學術研討,或是大型的產品發表,嘉和皆可依據場地需求,提供在任何角落都可擁有清晰的聲音品質。品質保證,嘉和只使用一流的設備,如NEXO、 JBL、YAMAHA及麥克風系統(有線、無線)。

數位錄音系統; 重要會議內容,除了需要被聽見,更需要記錄,嘉和使用錄音室等級系統及設備,確保會議鉅細靡遺的被記錄。也 藉由高品質的數位錄音技術,會議內容更方便的被編輯、紀錄與分享,嘉和提供各種格式與品質的錄音,滿足你的期望。數位錄音系統如 CUBASE、 PROTOLS及FOSTEX。

CAMCO Q-Power10擴大機 + YAMAHA PC9501N 擴大機

Clear-Com MS-702有線Intercom 主機

Clear-Com RS-601有線 Intercom 子機

EPSON EB-G5300投影機

Evenet Master-EC50 + E2

Four Channel Wireless System

Furman穩壓器 - YAMAHA P5000S 擴大機

Hi-resolution Mixer Semless Switcher-PLS350-3G

Kramer VP-747無縫視訊切換器

Nexo LS600 重低音喇叭

Nexo PS10 喇叭

Panasonic 1-Chip DLP projector

Panasonic 1-chip DLP projector

PerfectCue light and sound signalling system- Cue light

Podium+Audience+Custom signal lights


BOSCH Integrus Audio Expander_Integrus IR Transmitter_Integrus CCU

  • Wired/wireless Internet connection planning and networking
  • Rental of desktop/laptop computers
  • Rental of copiers, printers and fax machines
  • Rental of walkie-talkies
  • Filming and recording services
  • Conference proceedings on CD-ROM