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Top Professionals

GIS Congress Rental & Language Services are affiliates to GIS Group. With over 17 years of experience and profound knowledge in PCO field (Professional Convention Organizer), we have always been the leading player in Taiwan’s meeting and event management industry. In GIS, the technical support team is led by senior technicians with over 17 years of experience. Their professionalism and performance never cease to exceed clients’ expectations.

Congress Equipment

GIS Congress Rental is the first BOSCH-CRN (Congress Rental Network) agent in Greater China Region. Being a part of the BOSCH-CRN, we are able to utilize the global service network and provide the latest top quality congress and AV equipment for our clients.

On-Site Support

GIS Congress Rental provides venue managers with brand-new solutions to enhance venue quality and efficiency.

A Dedicated Team of Technicians and Professional Congress Equipment Supply

GIS Congress Rental provides congress equipment and technicians for technical support and consulting service. Example: The Westin Taipei

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Our Services

Integrated Audiovisual Service

Positioning, networking, array adaptation, venue evaluation and integration planning.

Translation and Interpretation Services

The leading and most experienced group of interpreters in the region. Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and escort interpretation to ensure professional, precise, and fluent communication.

Congress Equipment Rental

Simultaneous interpretation system, desktop conference system, voting system, video conference system, AV system, office operational facilities.

On-site Technical Support

With our innovative model, we facilitate our clients to enhance the quality and efficiency of the venue. The technical support includes: on-site professional technicians, AV equipment, and other contracted services.

Global Supports

Global Reach,
World-wide Support

GIS Congress Rental is Taiwan’s leading congress rental specialist with extensive experience in transnational operations. Our service network covers Asia, Europe, and Americas and every other time zone. Time and space pose no boundary to our service. Wherever you go, we follow.

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  • Please thank the guys Allen, Jason and other AV engineers for such the wonderful support they had given us. It was a great experience working with them. Rest assured that for future events in Taiwan, we will want to explore a partnership with GIS Group. Thanks again!

    Stella Tan


  • During typhoon Morakot, the venues of Pixar Animation Exhibition and the major forum were both packed, and thanks to the installation of plasma TVs in the basement, many audiences were able to participate via video relay. Because of the flexible arrangements of GIS Congress Rental and Language Services, everybody had a good time and the event ended smoothly. I would like to thank all the staffs of GIS Congress Rental and Language Services for their timely help.

    Wang Sufong

    Taipei Fine Arts Museum

  • I’d like to thank the professional assistance of GIS Congress Rental and Language Services so that the event of ABACUS could have a perfect ending. The host was professional and quick in response, and the interpreter was doing a good job as well. Apart from this, the stage design with 2D-effect was beautifully layered and achieved its intended effect. The acoustics was also marvelous.

    Tony Jeng

    Abacus, Market Planning Dept




  • • 我們提供您現場和遠距會議的訊號品質穩定方案,當您的會議現場和身處各地的遠距連線進行中,我們派駐專業人力為您設定環境,即時排解問題。
  • • 若您的會議跨國舉行,我們能為您安排口譯員在線上平台提供同步口譯,與會者以手機APP便能收聽翻譯。
  • • 集思位在北、中、南等地七大場館按照防疫準則,正常營運。我們擁有足夠的空間能為人潮分流,這段期間也提供加值網路會議方案,讓不便到場的與會者能夠參與您的討論。