On-Site Support

GIS Congress Rental provides venue managers with brand-new solutions to enhance venue quality and efficiency. The solutions include:

A Dedicated Team of Technicians and Professional Congress Equipment Supply

GIS Congress Rental provides congress equipment and techniciansfor technical support and consulting service. Example: The Westin Taipei

A Dedicated Team of Technicians

GIS Congress Rental provides a dedicated team of professional technicians for technical support and consulting service. Example: GIS NTU Center

Contracted Services

GIS Congress Rental offers venue manager a customized long-term rental contract for congress equipment. With such a long-term contract, every event held in the venue will be guaranteed with the best quality of service and highest satisfaction. Example: International Convention Center at National Taiwan University Hospital

Long-term Strategic Partnership

Enhancing Your Professional Image

With more than 20 years of experience, GIS Congress Rental & Language Services is here to enhance the professional image of your venues

Excellent Service Quality

Maintain great relationship and communication with venue managers and technical teams through long-term strategic cooperation, in order to enhance overall service quality.

Effective Budget Control

Instead of over-investing on meeting equipments and maintenance costs, spend affordable training fee for venue staff to effectively operate the venues.

Joint Marketing Strategy

Maximize the benefits of joint-marketing through our extensive client database and long-term partners.